Fiberlight poles

Light weight, heavy advantages, 7 reasons for choosing Fiberlight™ composite columns

Fiberlight™ introduces The UNIQUE concept of Fiberlight™ modern high quality lighting solutions for the world to see. Fiberlight opens new  perspectives to politicians and architects who focus their attention on sustaining eco-friendly and cost effective solutions. They are recyclable, and the light weight construction helps reduce your logistics cost. Aesthetically, Fiberlight has developped beautifully designed columns matching any environment.

  1. Durable
    Fiberlight poles durability period is up to 60 years. Fiberlight poles are resistant to physical aggression (vandalism, salt or urine) and typical aging effects (corrosion and decay).
  2. Strong and flexible
    Fiberlight poles are built slightly flexible in order to sway and resist extreme weather conditions.
  3. Eco-friendly
    Fiberlight can be recycled.
  4. Safety
    In the case of a collision, Fiberlight reduces the gravity of the impact.
  5. Easy to install
    No heavy foundation is needed when installing the poles. Fiberlight simplifies the transport, installation and disassembly in case of collision.
  6. Aesthetic
    Your Fiberlight can be customized to match your design needs.
  7. Maintenance free