Lighting solutions

that matter

Fiberlight™ introduces The UNIQUE concept of Fiberlight™ modern high quality lighting solutions for the world to see. Fiberlight opens new
perspectives to politicians and architects who focus their attention on sustaining eco-friendly and cost effective solutions. They are recyclable,
and the light weight construction helps reduce your logistics cost. Aesthetically, Fiberlight has developped beautifully designed columns matching any environment.

The UNIQUE concept of Fiberlight™

After years of research, testing and sampling our unique composite columns are now available: Fiberlight poles were created to bring eco-friendly lighting solutions to city streets, communities, residential areas and other development projects. And now Fiberlight is available with solar powered light for use in areas where access to power is limited. We set out to build modern, aesthetic designed columns with safety and durability as key. Our innovative mix of resins and gel-coats gives us the edge over other products in the market.