Customizable columns

colour or reflective, design Your fiberlight

Aside from the environmental and safety benefits, Fiberlight is aesthetically pleasing with a classic, contemporary design. So, by selecting Fiberlight for your upcoming project, you won’t only contribute to building a safer and healthier environment (at an affordable cost), but you will also create a beautiful living environment. We offer customizable solutions that enable you to make your lighting system visually improve your urban or architectural projects.

Reflective poles

We now offer a special outer layer of gel coat with reflective particles. If you want to add additional value to your fiberlight, the reflective option enhances the safety features. Now drivers and bike riders are able to see the poles from a greater distance in darker, less visible areas.


Fiberlight poles can be produced in many colors to fit your project requirements. Select from our colour chart and match the colour to your project.

Fiberlight columns don’t decay

No decay from salt

Thanks to the resins used in the structure, Fiberlight poles are not affected by salt. This makes our columns a smart choice for seaside location projects.

No decay from urine

The composition of Fiberlight poles helps protect them from the unsightly damage typically left behind from dog walks and stray animals

Doesn’t wear out

The special developed resin used in the production of Fiberlight poles makes our columns extremely durable resistant to weather and corrosion. They keep their soft natural look and retain their colours for years without the normal, regular and costly maintenance.