Low impact on the environment

Collision safe

The strength and stability of Fiberlight columns make them suitable for any locations and weather condition… from tropical climates and arid zones to extreme cold. Our poles were developed to stand up to high wind and extreme weather conditions. Fiberlight is resistant to temperature and humidity change. Our poles are constructed with safety and the environment in mind.

Environment friendly

The low emission of CO2 during production, along with being 100% recyclable, make Fiberlight more eco-friendly than any other products in the market. Thanks to its light weight construction, Fiberlight uses less energy during the production process. The low energy intensity during reprocessing and recycling also contributes to preserve the environment.


The composite structure of Fiberlight poles enables it to absorb some of the energy during a collision. Upon impact, the vehicle continues to ride with a reduced speed. Research indicates that the value of ASI indicator (indicator of acceleration rate – according to PN-EN 1317 norm) is five times lower than the value by which the effects of the collision are dangerous or fatal for people being in a vehicle.